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White Thermal Printable CD-R

Ritek Excellence Series Diamond CD-R White Thermal Printable (100 Cake)
(Code: 001-158)
- Ritek's Highest Grade Disc
- Professional Quality Media
- Diamond Thermal Printable
- 52x Burn Speed
- 80min / 700mb

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Traxdata Pro Range CD-R White Thermal Printable (100 TUB)
(Code: 001-0133)

- Made by Ritek
- Full Face Thermal Printable Surface
- Compatible with Rimage Everest Printers

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CMC Pro "Powered by TY" CD-R White Thermal / Everest Printable (100 Pack)
(Code: 001-184)
- Format: Write-once type
- Full Face Printable
- Diameter: 120mm
- Storage capacity: 80Minutes recording time or 700MB
- Writing speed: 2-48x
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