Verbatim DVD-RW 4x 10 Discs in cake tub (43552)

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Verbatim DVD-RW 4x 10 Discs in cake tub (43552)
Pack Size: 10
Single Side / Double Side: Single Side
Size: 12 cm DVD
Storage Capacity in MB: 4700
Type: DVD-RW

Manufacturer's Description
Verbatim's 4x DVD-RW dics ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos and music. This is a disc with a matt silver surface and can be written on with a CD/DVD marker pen. DVD-RW is a rewritable disc providing 4.7GB capacity. Compliant with the DVD-Forum specifications.

Verbatim's DVD-Rewritable use a Super Eutectic Recording layer (SERL). SERL ensures that noise-free recording can be enjoyed time and time again. With conventional rewritable media, the recording layer deteriorates with every rewrite, meaning a decrease in quality. With Verbatim rewritable media however, the recording layer is returned to perfect condition on every erase cycle, leaving a flawless disc for the next recording.

Since its foundation Verbatim has been at the forefront of the evolution in data storage technology. Today Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in the data storage industry. Customer-driven, Verbatim is known for adding considerable product value - above and beyond its competitors - to established media technology. Along with its technological innova
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