U-Reach 1-7 Multi-function Flash to CD DVD Backup Duplicator

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U-Reach 1-7 Multi-function Flash to CD DVD Backup Duplicator

U-Reach multi-function duplicators are standalone devices which enable users to make multiple copies of their CD or DVD’s within a matter of minutes. The extra functionality to copy / backup data from any flash device (USB Memory Stick, SD Card, CF / Compact Flash, MMC or Micro SD Card) to disc offers a cost effective solution to archive important video and audio data.


  • Complete Standalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.

  • User friendly interface with real time LCD information display.

  • Heavy Duty Construction for Everyday use in Industry.

  • High copy speedsof up to 33MB/Sec.

  • Disc spanning- automatically spreads a large amount ofdata across many data discs if the source data size exceeds the storage capacity of an individual blank disc.

  • Multi-session– as long as data stored on the source media is smaller than the free space on the target media you can keep copying from different sources .

  • AsynchronousDuplication:
    The asynchronous copy loads data to a buffer memory automatically and allows each slot to duplicate data independently and continuously without sacrificing speed when the number of targets is increased. Whether you are copying 1 or 100 pieces the total copy time remains the same.

  • Future functions upgradeable through firmware updates:
    Duplicator is able to be upgraded by future firmware updates

  • Multi-Language compatibility

  • Perfect for CCTV Card to disc backup
  • Copies CD, DVD, DVD Dual Layer optical discs

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