U-Reach 1-7 Compact Flash Card Duplicator

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U-Reach 1-7 Compact Flash Card Duplicator

TheU-Reach CF Card duplicators are stand alone units meaning there is noPC required or complicated set up procedures. Duplicating at speedsof up to 33 MB per second these super-efficient, user-friendlyprofessional duplication systems are designed for industry andcreators of digital media needing to duplicate the content quickly,easily and accurately.


  • CompleteStandalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.

  • User friendlyinterface with real time LCDinformation display.

  • HeavyDutyConstruction for Everyday use in Industry.

  • High copy speedsof up to 33MB/Sec.

  • AsynchronousDuplication
    The asynchronous copy loads data to abuffer memoryautomatically and allows each slot to duplicate dataindependently andcontinuously without scarifying speed when thenumber of targets is increased.Whether you are copying 1 or 100pieces the total copy time remains thesame.

  • Quick Copy:
    Quickcopy function will analyse and copy only the datacontained on theflash media, speeding up copy time.

  • Professionaldiagnostic features to checkflash media, capacity and speed.

  • Threedifferent erase functions
    Quick (Data only)Full (Data and Format) DoD (Bit by Bit) to USADepartment of defencestandard.

  • Futurefunctionsupgradeable through firmware updates:
    Duplicator is able tobe upgraded by future firmware updates

  • Multi-Language compatibility.

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