U-Reach 1-15 USB Duplicator

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U-Reach 1-15 USB Duplicator

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UREACH USB Producer PRO Introduction

The new UREACH USB Stick Copytowerseries is the ideal solution forfast and reliable replication of your USB flash drives.
Based on the controller of the established Whirlwind CD Copytower series, thisdevice was developed to be able to quickly make several copies of any USB flashdrive on the market.

SD and MicroSD cards are also supported via the corresponding adapterMicroSD/SD adapter.

The UREACH USB Producer PRO is specifically designed to copy external2,5" USB harddrives.
Every port of this standaloneUSB Stick Copytowerhas an increasedpower supply to be able to copy external hard drives without external powersupply.


Simply insert the Master USB Flash Drive into the first port, placetarget flash drives in as many free slots as you wish and press"Copy".

The UREACH USB Producer Pro operates PC-independently. All that's needed is apower source.
Status messages and copy progress is displayed on the LCD display.

In order to ensure absolute accuracy of the copied data you can make useof thebit-by-bit compare feature.


StandaloneUSB Stick Copytower, works completelyautonomously, merely requires a power source
Intuitive operation via 4 buttons on LCD screen
Real-time process information displayed on LCD screen
Supports all SD data formats, sizes and capacities
Synchronous and asynchronous copying
Up to 33MB/s data transfer
Real-time Copy and Compare for 100% data accuracy



Supported Media:

USB flash drives (alternative media possible via adapter)

Transfer speed:

up to 33MB/s



Copy Mode:

Synchronous or Asynchronous

LCD Display:

2 x 16 characters, backlit

Power Supply:

110V~ or 230V~, internal power supply

Working Temperature:

5°C - 50°C



New PC-Monitoring Tool for the USB Producer Series!

The new optional monitoring tool displays useful information directly onyour PC monitor and allows easy and direct control over all copy processes.

This gives you a clear overview of for example the capacity of themaster flash drive as well as the size of the data contained on it.

Target flash drive capacity, real-time copy progress and successful copycompletion indicators help identify faulty flash drives

The slowest port/flash drive is highlighted by colour.

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