Super Jewel Box STANDARD (10 BOX)

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Super Jewel Box STANDARD (10 BOX)

The SJB Standard was developed to replace the more than 25-year-old original CD Jewel Case. SJB Standard has the same outside measurements as the original jewel case and is therefore compatible with existing retail shelving, displays and other jewel case storage and handling requirements.The SJB Standard offers space underneath the tray to apply an EAS security tag and several logo options such as SACD, DVD, Blu-Ray, or customized logos.Features

- New and improved look and feel for higher perceived value
- Same size as the old CD jewel case
- Flexibility of inserts, from a single sheet to a 50-page booklet
- Fits existing CD-based retail displays, security keepers and other packaging standards
- Can be automated on high-speed packaging machines
- Dimensions in inches : 4.9"x 5.6"x 0.4"

Box of 10 Units
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