MediaRange 100min CD-R Inkjet Print (25 PACK)

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MediaRange 100min CD-R Inkjet Print (25 PACK)- CD-R DIscs by MediaRange
- Full Face White Inkjet Printable Disc 
- 900MB / 100min Capacity
- Pack of 25 discs
- Check Details For Burning Instructions

Part Number: MR243

If you have problems writing your 100 min CD's this is due to
limitations to the CD standards. They may be detected as
10 min, 15 min, 80 min or something else. You have to overburn
to get the full size. In a full version of Nero go to
file-preferences-expert options- enable overburn and set the
max overburn value to what you want. Before writing under
the multi session tab: tick "no multi session" Under the burn tab:
choose "disc-at-once" and tick "finalise cd". Now click burn and
you will be asked if you would like to overburn.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Not 100min/900MB as advertised, only 80min/700MB. Could be used as 80min/700MB CD-R, but not really a satisfactory purchase.
M T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Not used yet, seems fine.
Adam B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Would recomend these discs.
Richard A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Just what I needed.
John S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Discs are good exactly what I ordered thanks.
Rob H.
Shopping Satisfaction
This item does not seem to be available in other retail outlets.
Bernice P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very good quality CD. Excellent seller with quick delivery at very good price. Thank you.
Sandra D.
Shopping Satisfaction
Not yet tried.
David K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product
Melvyn T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Awful product. I bought 100 disks and only 16 of them worked. Cheap crap. Avoid them like the plague.
Ashley J.
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