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Important News! Do you have photos on your computer?
With the advent of flash media and the ever dropping price of hard disc storage you might think that your precious photo archive is safe. This just isn’t the case; hard drives fail, flash drives fail or get lost forever. The only way you can be 100% sure that your pictures will be there for future generations is to back them up to ARCHIVAL GRADE optical media. We offer the perfect range of discs ideally suited to this purpose.

Falcon Century products offer the most reliable long-term storage solution to preserve your data securely. FalconMedia Century is a premium, high spec archival grade media that provides users with a safe, certified archival storage solution for over 300 years on CD and 100 years on DVD.
Falcon Media Century Gold CD/DVD
Ultra reliable archioval solution.
Revolutionary reflective layer ensures longevity.
Full face printable surface
Life expectancy - Upto 300 years

Fujifilm has developed a new CD-R for Digital Photos with a black protection shield. It provides extremely effective protection against ultra-violet and solar radiation. Fujifilm CD-R for Digital Photos is an ideal solution for storing your precious photo image and long time archiving.
FujiFilm Photo CD-R
UV Protection Shield - Sunlight and heat resistance
Unique black protection layer
High speed performance up to 52x
700Mb Capacity - Over 280 6 mega pixal photos.

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