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Single DVD Cases - Pro Grade

High Grade Blue Single DVD Case (54 Box)
(Code: 007-115)
- High Quality EU made case
- 14mm Spine
- Outer wrap for Inlay
- Boxed in 54's
Flexbox Single Black DVD Case (54 Box)
(Code: 007-030)

- High Grade Black DVD Case
- 14mm Spine
- Robust and sturdy
- Made in EU
- With booklet clips
- Weight 66 Grams
Flexbox Single Clear DVD Case (54 Box)
(Code: 007-031)
  • 14 mm standard thickness.
  • FlexBox is a polypropylene soft box and so offers an attractive tactile feel with real protection.
  • FlexBox has a user-friendly and intuitively simple locking system,no more push buttons!
  • FlexBox has moulded support clamps that eliminate unwanted rattle effects and guarantee a stress free stability of the discs, even when badly handled during transport.
  • Flexbox 7mm Clear DVD Case (58 Pack)
    (Code: 007-124)
    - High Grade DVD Case
    - 7mm Spine Width
    - Internal Clips for a booklet]
    - Clear External Wrap for an Inlay

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