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First Class DVD Cases

The DVD is still a popular form of media for personal and entertainment use, and also for communicating important business information. 

Copy and distribute your DVDs correctly, and you can use them for presentations, promotional material, work samples or instructions for clients and employees. Due to this ease of use and flexibility, DVDs are clearly an effective way to get your professional message across, even in this advanced era of live streaming and downloads. 

Here are a few reasons why DVDs are still an integral part of business media, and why you should use them…
1. They act as a hard copy – it may sound obvious, but many people like to own a hard copy of any important information. It feels more permanent and can be referred to more easily than a download stored somewhere on your PC 

2. They can be much cheaper – blank DVDs are readily available at very affordable prices from reputable manufacturers like Verbatim and JVC, ensuring quality and convenience.
3. Information can be transferred onto them easily – As specialist media duplicators and replicators in the UK we use our expert technology to create copies of your professional DVD. Copy runs can range from 1 to over 1000, whilst maintaining audio/visual quality and data integrity 

4. They work as a marketing method – photography businesses, particularly weddings and events, use DVDs to provide work samples or to give to clients with their finished photographs 

Once you have all DVD copies ready for distribution, you must decide how to present them. You can buy many types of DVD cases online and in shops, which are designed for different levels of protection, holding marketing booklets and containing multiple discs. 

You can benefit from the following features when you buy DVD cases: 
▪ shatter-proof, high quality plastic; clear or coloured  
▪ sturdy M-Lock design 
▪ machine-moulded trays grip DVDs in place 
▪ bulk packs providing excellent value  
▪ you can hold as many as 6 discs in just one case
▪ half size cases for easier storage 
▪ special games replacement cases for Nintendo, PS1/2/3, Xbox and PSP
▪ binder cases for storing up to 10 discs in a durable, 100% polypropylene booklet 

This article highlights the ease of producing large numbers of DVDs through duplication and replication. Choosing the right type of DVD case will add a professional edge and keep the discs safe. These are both small but definitely worthwhile business investments. 

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