FalconMedia Pro CD-R Smart Guard Glossy Inkjet (50 Tub)

(Code: 001-084)
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FalconMedia Pro CD-R Smart Guard Glossy Inkjet (50 Tub)
- 52x Burn Speed
- 700mb Capacity
- Water Resistant gloss Print surface
- Exceptional Print results
- Packed in 50 cake tub

Smart Guard is a superior water resistant inkjet
glossy surface for those looking for an ultra professional image.
The Smart Guard layer offers a superb bright photographic finish,
excellent ink absorption, and is resistant to smudges and bleed
due to moisture and humidity. The Smart Guard layer yields
exceptional print results with the major inkjet based publishing
systems. FalconMedia Smart Guard media is an optimized professional
media which meets the highest industry standards ensuring consistent
quality, surface uniformity, flawless printing and handling on automated
duplication systems.

Falcon Product Code: 3090506504000681
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