Clearance Blu-ray (10 Shrink)

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Clearance Blu-ray (10 Shrink)
We have had a clear-out and we are offering you all of
the old Blu-ray discs we've got. This could include - Standard,
Branded, Inkjet Printable, Thermal Printable,
in fact if it's a Blu-ray it might very well be in there.
These discs may have been repackaged.
These discs may have been repackaged.

Question: Can I choose what I am getting ?
Answer: No

Question: Can I return my discs if I don't like its contents ?
Answer No

Question: What if I don't like what I get ?
Answer: Tuff, I'm afraid GOOD LUCK

Question: Will what I get be valued at £2.99 or more ?
Answer: In our honest opinion YES

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