BREXIT and shipments from the UK to Europe and the EU

The UK left the EU on January 1st 2021 which means that if you are buying from outside the UK there are changes to the way VAT and import duty is charged.  If you are a non-UK customer then you may be charged additional import duty on some products you buy from us.  We will list the import duty rate and import commodity code in the product details so you can check if any duty will be charged.  If you are unsure about import duty rates, please ask before making a purchase as you will be responsible for paying these charges when the goods reach your local customs.  You will also have to pay (or defer) VAT at your country's normal rate when the order passes through customs.

We currently offer DHL Economy shipping services from UK in to Europe.  The cost for DHL shipping service we list on our website will include DHL's processing fees for clearing the goods through customs.  It will not include any duty payable on the products or VAT.  Any duty and/or VAT due will need to be paid before the delivery can be completed.

Here are import duty rates for some of our most popular products:

Blank CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs - 0% import duty
CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Game replacement cases- 6% import duty
Plastic CD Sleeves - 6% import duty
Cellophane Wraps - 6% import duty
Paper/Card Envelopes - 0% import duty
Bubble-lined Envelopes - 0% import duty
Cardboard Boxes - 0% import duty
Scotch/Budget PP Adhesive Tapes - 6% import duty

If you have any questions about buying from us and the changes in import charges please contact us and we will help.

Thank you.

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