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Standard Blu-ray Cases

Amaray 4k UHD Ultra High Def Blu-Ray Case for 1 disc (28 Pack)
(Code: 007-126)
- High quality machine grade case
- Official case for the newest format
- With silver HD logo
- 15mm spine
Clear Blu-Ray Case to hold USB Stick & Disc (10 pack)
(Code: 007-123)
- Holder for standard USB Stick
- Standard blu-ray case size
- 14mm spine
- Outer wrap for inlay
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Amaray Single Blu-Ray Case, 15mm Spine (28 BOX)
(Code: 007-011-28)

- Blu-ray case 15mm spine
- Top Quality UK made Case
- Outer wrap for inlay
- Official Blu-Ray Logo on case
- With Red Tag 

Amaray Double Blu-ray Case (Face on Face) 15mm Spine (28 BOX)
(Code: 007-028)

- Blu-ray Case for two Discs
- Made by Amaray
- 15mm Spine
- Clear Outer Wrap for Inlay
- Reg Tag

Amaray Double Blu-Ray Case (Swing Tray) 15mm Spine (56 BOX)
(Code: 007-012-56)

Genuine Amaray Blu-Ray case to fit two discs.

High quality clear / blue PP material.
Second disc fits on swing tray.
Case and tray supplied separately
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Amaray 3 Disc Blu-Ray Case (swing tray) 15mm (28 BOX)
(Code: 007-035-28)

- 3 way Blu-Ray Case (15mm spine)
- Top Quality UK made Case
- 1 disc on case, 2 on tray
- Outer wrap for inlay
- Official Blu-Ray Logo on case
- Case and tray supplied unassembled
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Amaray Clear Blu-Ray Case 14mm (28 Pack)
(Code: 007-027-28)

- Machine packable grade case
- Similar to PS3 case but with Blu-Ray logo.
- Top Quality UK made
- 14mm spine width
- Box of 28 cases

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