Amaray White Double DVD Case (Face on Face) (54 BOX)

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Amaray White Double DVD Case (Face on Face) (54 BOX)

- White Amaray Double DVD Case (Face on Face)
- Colour: WHITE Capacity: 2 Discs
- Box of 54 units

You can view the inlay specification HERE

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Prompt service.
Rajni T.
Shopping Satisfaction
I use only AMARAY cases by choice as they are the best quality and at a fair price,cheaper boxes are just not worth using as they feel thin and cheap and could give customers the impression that you have cut corners to make extra profit from your work.
Maurice G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Still getting a few damaged cases. Not as good quality as they used to be.
Colin B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Getting a little concerned that Amaray cases are becoming more flimsy than in past years - this needs someone to tell them their quality is no longer the best. We buy quite a high volume of their cases and seriously we can tell the quality is well down.
John B.
Thanks for your comment we'll pass them along to Amaray.
Riviera Multimedia.
Shopping Satisfaction
Best quality cases.
Robert K.
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