Rimage Auto Everest 600 CD DVD BD thermal printer

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Rimage Auto Everest 600 CD DVD BD thermal printer
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Rimage Re-Invents CD/DVD Printing

The new Rimage Everest 600 Thermal Retransfer Printer delivers photo quality images and sharp, clear text that customers demand, all at 600 dpi.
What sets the Everest 600 apart from other CD/DVD/Blu-ray (BD) thermal retransfer printers?

- 600 DPI printing
- 60 seconds, full-color print
- Smooth gradients
- Lifelike prints

The Everest 600 is available as a standard option on the Rimage Producer III publishing systems (8100/7100), Professional Series (5100/5300) and Autoprinter.

600 dpi Print Resolution.

The highest printresolution in the industry delivers photo quality images, withsharpness and detail that are not available in other printtechnologies.

Permanent Images.

The retransfer print technologyresults in printed images that are scratch proof, water proof, faderesistant, UV protected, and looks great for the life of the disc.

Edge-to-Edge Printing.

Using specially coatedmedia, the Everest 600 is able to print from the outer edge to theinner hub, taking full advantage of the media surface.

Predictable Yield.

All Everest 600 ribbons havefixed yields which result in predictable cost per print andpredictable print outputs. No more guessing when consumables needreplacing. Rimage systems keep track of the remaining print yield andcommunicate the results to operators throughout the printing process.

Cost per Disc.

Predictable print yields result inconsistent cost per printed disc. When quoting customers for printedmedia, or budgeting upcoming production, costs are known andconsistent due to predictable print yields on each ribbon..

Some print technologies may claim to offer a subset of thesebenefits, but the retransfer print technology available exclusivelyin Everest printers delivers all these benefits to all customers,small or large.

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