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A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right CD Case

Once your CD is completed and ready for distribution, the first thing on your mind should be finding the best disk case for your needs. I would highly recommend knowing your options and making a considered choice, as casing will affect the presentation and safety of your CD. Here is a lay-out of the features and benefits of the different types of CD cases available.

Jewel Cases

They come as standard, slim, multi-disk and professional jewel cases and remain the media industry standard. They are fitted with a semi-rigid plastic tray that has a centre hub to secure the CD in place (this is either coloured or clear). The design of jewel cases is ideal for inserting an artwork lining or booklet, in the side-slot and back of the case. 

Chubby Jewel Case/Multi Disc Cases

The features of this case are almost identical to the standard jewel case, however this type of case can contain a number of discs in one case. It is the perfect choice for multiple disc projects. 

Slim-line Case

If you’re looking for CD cases that take up less space and can be shipped more cheaply, slim-line cases are a sensible option. They are half as thick as standard jewel cases but still have a similar front for inserting a booklet or artwork. 


This CD case is made of cardboard with a plastic moulded tray attached to keep the case sturdy. The cardboard case makes screen printing easier and the interior sleeve allows a booklet to be inserted. Some digipaks have folding over gatefold flaps to cover the CD on both sides. 

Clamshell Case

As their name suggests, these cases are shaped like a clamshell to provide extra reliable protection to your CDs. If you are required to transport CDs around, the clamshell design will prevent scratching and other forms of damage. 

Paper Sleeve

This is the simplest and cheapest CD casing option; made out of a paper sleeve with a clear plastic window at the front. This is the most functional choice if you are providing promotional and demo CDs. 

Calendar Case

This type is in the style of a jewel case, and sits open at a 30 degree angle to advertise your printed calendar to others. Using a standard CD case, the lid is folded behind to act as a stand. It is a cheap yet effective form of marketing for your desk or workplace. 

Although this isn’t a full list, these are the most popular varieties of case which will store your CDs safely and professionally. 

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