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How To fix Rimage Everest 3 error “lower re-transfer sensor not responding”

Hello and welcome to the all new Riviera Multimedia blog. As wewander our merry way through the action packed world of blank mediaand packaging we often stumble across nuggets of information which wethink are pure gold. Hopefully some of you will find some of thisinformation usefull too. Todays tip comes from Simon Roystone – oneof our production account managers.

"Hi all,

This week our Rimage Everest 3 AutoPrinter has been bringing up a constant stream of serious errormessages. It displays the message "Lower re-transfer sensor notresponding” and needs to be re-started every few prints. What itdoes print, the alignment of the colours are all out and look a mess.So after checking the usual culprits (taken two discs in at once, adirty sensor, the planets not quite being in alignment, etc) Iresigned myself to have it sent away and serviced. As a last resort Ithought I'd give the lovely people at Rimage a call and see if theycould help me out. After a nice chat with a delightful German ladythe fix was actually quite easy in our case.

All you have to do is:

  • Load up the status monitor (Itlives in the same place as all your printer settings. On PC it'sSTART / PRINTERS / right-click PRINT PREFERENCES / UTILITY.

  • Then click the options next to thetransfer readout. In here you can alter the transfer-roll read out.Click the part that tells the printer how many prints your transferroll can do and change it to the correct number.

    ….Hey Presto one fully functioning Rimage Everest 3. Apparently if you've got a 500 print ribbon in there and this optionis set to 1000, or visa-versa, the machine gets all confused andtends to drag the ribbon - causing the alignment issue and theerror message. While I had the unit open I took the opportunity togive it a good going over with a Rimage cleaning kit taking extracare to make sure the sensors got a good wipe. The re-transfersensor is at the back right up at the top – the little black bitthat the transfer-roll passes through.”

Hope that helps, we intend to keep asteady stream of these little info bites coming your way. So if youhave any blank media, packaging or duplication questions drop us anemail and we'll do our best to help.

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