XYZPrinting Handheld Scanner Red (8XY3SH10XEU00B)

(Code: 064-002)

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XYZPrinting Handheld Scanner Red (8XY3SH10XEU00B)
  • XYZPrinting Handheld Scanner Red (8XY3SH10XEU00B)
  • XYZPrinting Handheld Scanner Red (8XY3SH10XEU00B)

Scan and Print

Turn your physical world into digital replicas, where you can modify them, and then reproduce them with 3D printing. Need to replace that broken part that you can't find in stores? Want to make a gift for someone but don't know how to 3D model it? Simply scan the desired objects to recreate them in different sizes, or change it completely to create new ones!

Compact and light design

Move around the target object with ease, ensuring full scan capture at all ranges.

Go anywhere

Interface with a laptop tablet or your favourite device, using the rear clip. Scan anywhere

Amazing value

At less than £150, the XYZprinting 3D Scanner is the most versatile, affordable and lightweight 3D scanner on the market.

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