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White Inkjet Printable CD-R

Mediastar CD-R 80 Min White Inkjet Printable (100 Shrink)
(Code: 001-146)
- Full Surface/ 25mm hub
- Format: Write Once
- Diameter: 120mm
- Storage Capacity: 700MB/80min
- Writing Speed: 1-48x

Made in Taiwan
using TY Technology
JVC Ultra ZQ Archival CD-R Inkjet Printable (50 Tub)
(Code: 001-149)
- Archival grade disc
- 700mb / 80min
- Extra Hard Coat
- 1000x more dust free
- 7x more finger print resistant
- 200x more scratch resistant

Ritek Excellence Series Diamond CD-R White Inkjet Printable (100 Cake)
(Code: 001-166)
- Professional Grade Media
- Diamond Burn Surface
- Full Surface Printable - 23 - 119mm
- 52x Burn Speed
- 80min / 700mb

Maxell CD-R 52x Full Face Inkjet Printable Pod 50 (624006)
(Code: 001-108)
  • Maxell CD-R
  • 700MB
  • 52x speed
  • 80 min recording time
  • full surface white inkjet printable 
  • 50 cake tub
  • Manufactured by Ritek
  • Aone CD-R Inkjet Printable (25 Pack)
    (Code: 001-072)

    - CD-R  700mb / 52x from Aone
    - Full Face White Inkjet Printable Surface
    - Great Disc at a Great Price
    - Pack of 25 discs

    Traxdata CD-R White Inkjet Printable (50 PACK)
    (Code: 001-0303)

    - Traxdata - made by Ritek

    - CD-R 52x Discs
    - Full Face White Inkjet Printable
    - 700MB / 80min Capacity

    MediaRange Black Bottom CD-R Inkjet Printable (25 PACK)
    (Code: 001-0131)

    - Full Face White inkjet Printable Top Disc
    - Black Bottom
    - 700MB/80min Capacity

    Part Number: MR241

    Falcon Media Dupli Diamond CD-R White Inkjet Printable #514 (100 pack)
    (Code: 001-155)

    - 52x Burn Speed
    - 700mb Capacity
    - Dupli range high grade disc 
    - Diamond burn surface
    - Quick drying time

    Verbatim CD-R Wide Inkjet Printable 43438 (50 TUB)
    (Code: 001-033)

    - CD-R 52x 700Mb
    - Top Quality Pro Disc
    - Verbatim Product Code: 43438
    - Wide Inkjet Printable no ID

    Verbatim CD-R Wide Printable ID BRAND 50 Cake (43309)
    (Code: 001-098)
    Capacity: 700MB
    Speed: 52x
    Pack Style: 50 Pack Spindle
    Disc Surface: Wide Inkjet Printable - ID Branded
    Print area: 23 – 118mm

    Product Number: 43309
    CMC Pro (Powered by TY) CD-R White Inkjet Printable (Clear Hub) (100 PACK)
    (Code: 001-176)

    - Professional Grade A Media
    - Inkjet Prinatable Surface
    - Clear Hub

    JVC (Taiyo Yuden) White Inkjet Hub Printable CD-R (100 Pack)
    (Code: 001-024)
    This item is now discontinued. 

    The Taiyo Yuden Japan factory has now ceased production and the media licenses have been sold to CMC Magnetics - a major optical disc factory based in Taiwan.  New production started some time ago using the same TY burn dyes, ink formulas, machinery and staff!  A special annex of the CMC factory has been built exclusively for the new "Powered by TY" range of products and the same levels of quality control are being implemented to ensure the new discs are of the same excellent grade as the Japanese made products. 

    Search for CMC Pro "Powered by TY" products on our website to view what is available.  We will be phasing in direct replacements for the JVC lines as stock run out.  We welcome any questions about this change in manufacture and samples are available.  Please call us on 01226 730606
    Discontinued Product
    CMC Pro "Powered by TY" CD-R White Inkjet Hub Printable (100 Pack)
    (Code: 001-163)
    (-15.00%) £21.25
    - Full face printable 
    - Instant dry
    - High quality white surface

    Direct replacement for the JVC Taiyo Yuden

    (945 Item(s) In Stock)
    Verbatim CD-R “Super Azo” Printable in Jewel Case 10 Pack 43325
    (Code: 001-122)

    - Capacity: 700MB
    - Speed: 52x
    - Pack Style: 10 Pack Jewel Case
    - Disc Surface: Wide Inkjet Printable
    - Print area: 23 – 118mm

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