Traxdata DVD-R 8x White Inkjet Printable (50 PACK)

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Traxdata DVD-R 8x White Inkjet Printable (50 PACK)

- DVD-R 4.7Gb 8x
- Great quality and reliability
- White inkjet full surface printable
- Made by Ritek
- G05 dye


Traxdata DVD-R 8x White Inkjet Printable

This product from Traxdata has been a best-seller for many years. It is made by Ritek and still bears the G05 8x burn dye, even several years after the 16x dye has become available. This is testament to the reliability and compatibility of the Traxdata DVD discs burn surface.

The printable surface on Traxdata DVDs is perfect for home users and professional printers. There have been some modifications to the Ritek printable surface over the years. The current surface is compatible with most printers. It gives good contrast and vibrant colours. At such a attractive price this disc can compete with some higher end offerings.

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Customer reviews
Always reliable.
Keith d.
Excellent as usual this brand but only the 8 speed for some reason the 16 speed fail frequently.
John A.
Excellent quality discs. Can't remember last time I had a failure, although I always write at 4x, data or video.
Been using these for years. More reliable than more expensive brands.

Fully recommend these discs.
Alan K.
They work, no drop outs brilliant!
Gil G.
Good quality product.
Michael L.
Have been purchasing thses discs for sometime and hardly ever have any failures,good price and great delivery means i will only buy from this company.
Calvin e.
The best.
Allan s.
I use thousands and rarely find any faulty ones. Thank you.
Dave A.
Good Qty Discs, been using this brand for years and you complaint from customers.
James T.
A good solid item that can be relied on for consistent high quality.
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