Neo CD/DVD Card Wallet - BLACK (50 PACK)

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Neo CD/DVD Card Wallet - BLACK (50 PACK)

- CD/DVD Card Wallet
- Pack of 50 units

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Quality was average overall. A few of the wallets were stuck together in the pack and the edges were scuffed when they were prized apart- not sure if this was a manufacturing fault or because of how they had been stored? Before delivery, the packs had been packaged very tightly, so many of them were bowed. I'd bought the wallets to use as part of some handmade packaging for a DIY album release, so wasn't impressed by number I couldn't use.
Hi Gavin

Sorry to hear you have received an item your not 100% happy with. If you would like to return anything which is damaged or not up to scratch you can always call our customer service team on 01226 730606 and we'll be happy to help.

Shopping Satisfaction
Not happy with this product at all. When they arrived, they had scuff marks on the edges. The product itself does it's job - but as soon as they are handled they have finger prints appear on the gloss surface and you cannot get rid of this.
Lewis D.
Sorry about this Lewis. If you need replacements or a different card wallet option please let me know and I'll help.
Many thanks,
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