Its strength, flexibility, machinability, and higher temperature resistance make it often a preferred plastic for engineers, and professional applications.


The wide range of available colors and translucencies and glossy feel often attract those who print for display or small household uses. Many appreciate the plant based origins and prefer the semi-sweet smell over ABS. When properly cooled, PLA seems to have higher maximum printing speeds, lower layer heights, and sharper printed corners. Combining this with low warping on parts make it a popular plastic for home printers, hobbyists, and schools.


- PRIMALLOYTM is a soft rubber material with outstanding heat, oil and abrasion resistance and mechanical strength.
- It is a high performance polyester based thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
- Exceptional diameter consistency providing the best possible homogeneous wire structure for smooth operation.
- Manufactured in Japan to very tight tolerances from the highest quality materials to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.


Transparent materials are ideal for applications including:

- Form and fit testing of clear or see-through parts
- Glass, eyewear, lighting covers and light-cases
- Visualization of liquid flow
- Colour dyeing
- Medical applications
- Artistic and exhibition modelling
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