Falcon Media Pro BD-R Smart Guard Glossy Inkjet (10 Tub)

(Code: 005-010)

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Falcon Media Pro BD-R Smart Guard Glossy Inkjet (10 Tub)
- Amazing quality print surface
- 4x Burn Speed
- HTL High-to Low non-organic dye
- 50 years archival grade
- 25Gb Capacity
- Packed in cake tub

These discs are supplied in 10s
split down from 50 tubs.

FalconMedia Smart Guard is a superior water resistant inkjet
glossy surface for those looking for an ultra professional
image. The Smart Guard layer offers a superb bright photographic
finish, excellent ink absorption, and is resistant to smudges and
bleed due to moisture and humidity. The Smart Guard layer yields
exceptional print results with the major inkjet based publishing
systems. FalconMedia Smart Guard media is an optimized professional
media which meets the highest industry standards ensuring consistent
quality, surface uniformity, flawless printing and handling on automated
duplication systems.

Falcon Product Code: 3070606504000760

Customer reviews
Great, reliable BD-R media with a close to perfect printable side.
I 've burned 2 BD-R: 1 with no error and 1 with error. I don't know yet what is going to be the result with the rest.
Haven't burned any yet but manufacturing quality is very good. Printing surface is glossy, approaching the glass-like surface of JVC's (Taiyo Yuden) printable glossy watershield DVDs. Outer perimeter is a bit "rough" in touch compared to the smooth, rounded perimeter of, say. Verbatim's BD-R SL printable 43713. A bit pricey but seems to be the BD-R king in terms of reliability.
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