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Blank DVD Media

Blank DVD Media

Blank DVD-R discs plus a wide range of other blank DVDs and other blank media. We carry many of the most popular DVD media brands including JVC, Falcon Media,Traxdata and Verbatim. We stock brand top discs and many printable DVD surfaces to cover a large range of uses. Different surfaces include inkjet printable, thermal printable (or thermal re-transfer) and shiny top thermal printable. DVD media comes in matt, gloss, shiny top, silver, white and others, to suit all needs.

Apart from the DVD media, we also carry hardware and consumables for printing on to discs. We stock the full range of Rimage, Teac, Epson, Microboards and R-Quest inks and ribbons.

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FalconMedia Vision DVD+R DL "2P Burn Dye" Thermal White Printable #907 (50 Cake)
(Code: 004-022)

- Falcon's most compatible dual layer DVD disc
- DVD+R 8x 8.5gb
- Top quality thermal printable media
- 8x Burn speed
- Full face white thermal print surface
- Mfr part number #907

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Falcon Media Value Line DVD+R Inkjet Printable (100 pack)
(Code: 003-043)
- Inkjet Printable Disc
- 4.7Gb Capacity
- High quality media.

Falcon Product Code: #0827
(473 Item(s) In Stock)
FalconMedia Vision DVD+R DL 2P Smart White Inkjet Printable Hub 50 Tub #906
(Code: 004-023)
- DVD+R 8x 8.5gb
- Ultra compatible 2P burn surface
- Top quality inkjet printable media
- 8x Burn speed
- Full face white inkjet print surface
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Falcon Media Dupli DVD-R 16x White Inkjet Printable #510 (100 Shrink)
(Code: 002-115)

- 4.7gb Capacity
- 16x Burn Speed
- Professional Inkjet Media
- Quick drying times
Falcon Media Pro DVD-R White Glossy Inkjet Printable #734 (100 Pack)
(Code: 002-050)

- 16x Burn Speed
- 4.7GB Capacity
- Professional Inkjet Media
- Quick drying time
- Full face print surface

Falcon Pro DVD-R Smart Guard Glossy Inkjet Printable (50 Tub)
(Code: 002-048)

- Professional Grade Media
- Amazing Glossy Finish
- 16x Burn Speed
- 4.7Gb Capacity

Falcon Product Code: 3010306504000685

Falcon Media Dupli DVD-R White Thermal (100 pack)
(Code: 002-042)

- 16x Burn Speed
- 4.7gb Capacity
- Top quality Thermal Print Disc
- Optimized for long lasting colour
- Bulk on spindles

FalconMedia Pro DVD-R 16x Silver Thermal Printable (100 Pack)
(Code: 002-056)

- DVD-R 16x 4.7Gb
- Professional Grade A Media
- Full Face Silver Thermal Print Surface
- Compatible with Rimage Everest Printers
- Falcon Product Code: 3010328504000113

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Falcon Media  DVD+R DL 8.5GB Smart Guard Waterproof Printable #908 (50 Tub)
(Code: 004-021)
- 8.5 GB Dual Layer DVD+R
- "2P" high compatibility burn side
- Glossy Water Proof Inkjet Printable
- "Smart Guard" print surface
- 8x burn speed
- In tubs of 50 discs

Falcon item number: #908
Falcon Media DVD+R Dual Layer Smart Guard Glossy Inkjet (10 Pack)
(Code: 004-007)

- DVD+R Dual Layer 8.5gb Capacity
- Top quality printable media
- Waterproof glossy surface
- 8x Burn speed
- Full face print surface

These discs are repacked into 10 disc packs.

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